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Cisco UCM Migration - Fresh Install with Data Import

In our lab demonstration, we'll focus on the Direct Refresh Install with Data Import method, showcasing its efficiency and practicality for modern deployments. We've used the Data Import method via SFTP to successfully migrate to CUCM 15, ensuring a smooth and effective transition.

Deep Dive into Cisco SD-WAN: Single DMZ Scenario

Welcome to an in-depth exploration of Cisco SD-WAN! In this video, we take you through the deployment of a specific scenario where we utilize a single DMZ, and all fabrics are set within the same site ID. You will also see how to onboard IOS-XE device into the SD-WAN fabric. Firewall configuration and related NATs are also explained.I am using Cisco Secure Firewall solution.

Unlocking Cisco Intersight: Benefits and UCS Manager Integration

Welcome to the first video in our series on mastering Cisco Intersight! In this video, we delve into the incredible benefits of Cisco Intersight, a cloud operations platform that revolutionizes IT management. We'll guide you through the seamless process of integrating UCS Manager into Cisco Intersight, providing you with practical insights and step-by-step instructions. Whether you're looking to streamline your data center operations or enhance your infrastructure management, this video is the perfect starting point. Stay tuned for more videos in this series, where we'll explore advanced features, deployment strategies, and more integration solutions.Don't forget to like, comment, and subscribe to stay updated with our latest content!

Deep Dive into Cisco EVE: Detecting QUIC Applications

How do you stop QUIC applications? How do you stop malware hidden inside encrypted packets? Do you think your IPS is up to the challenge? Dive into the Cisco's Encrypted Visibility Engine (EVE). In this video we reveal how to effectively detect QUIC applications and other encrypted threats. Discover how Cisco EVE enhances your network's security capabilities, watch now and learn how to keep your network safe and sound!

Cisco ACI - Seamless Upgrade

Dive into the world of #Cisco #ACI as we explore how to upgrade your APIC cluster and switches seamlessly—without any #downtime. This guide not only walks you through the step-by-step process but also compares the visual and functional differences between the older Version 4 and the newer Version 6. Perfect for network engineers looking to stay current with Cisco's latest technologies

Cisco FDM - LDAP Attribute and LDAP mapping

In this video you will learn about Cisco FDM. In our scenario we want to integrate our CISCO FDM with Secure LDAP using LDAPS and then try to play with LDAP attribute and mapping.The Configuration is not like FMC! In the movie I also talk about one of the cisco bugs.