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Deep Dive into Cisco EVE: Detecting QUIC Applications

How do you stop QUIC applications? How do you stop malware hidden inside encrypted packets? Do you think your IPS is up to the challenge? Dive into the Cisco's Encrypted Visibility Engine (EVE). In this video we reveal how to effectively detect QUIC applications and other encrypted threats. Discover how Cisco EVE enhances your network's security capabilities, watch now and learn how to keep your network safe and sound!

Cisco ACI - Seamless Upgrade

Dive into the world of #Cisco #ACI as we explore how to upgrade your APIC cluster and switches seamlessly—without any #downtime. This guide not only walks you through the step-by-step process but also compares the visual and functional differences between the older Version 4 and the newer Version 6. Perfect for network engineers looking to stay current with Cisco's latest technologies

Cisco FDM - LDAP Attribute and LDAP mapping

In this video you will learn about Cisco FDM. In our scenario we want to integrate our CISCO FDM with Secure LDAP using LDAPS and then try to play with LDAP attribute and mapping.The Configuration is not like FMC! In the movie I also talk about one of the cisco bugs.

Cisco LISP Configuration Guide - Basic Config

LISP: A Routing Architecture –Not a Feature Dear Friends, In this video you will learn how to configure LISP and how you can verify the LISP overlay. LISP changes the routing architecture to implement a level of indirection between a hosts IDENTITY and its LOCATION in the network.

Cisco ASAv VPN Split Tunnel and Group URL

In this video you will learn how to create Cisco Anyconnect VPN Split tunneling and also you will how to configure Group URL. This Feature is very useful if you want to give different level of access ( to corporate resources) to different type of users.

Multicast - PIM Dense Mode

In this video, you will see the configuration of Multicast Dense Mode, Also we can see how VLC is working as Multicast feeder and Multicast Receiver. We will talk about RPF for Loop avoidance and also definition of Prune and Graft Message. The Configuration is very easy. I hope you like the Video.